Meet James' Friends - 9 More Characters

James offers 9 characters with different personalities, opinions, and abilities.

While chatting with James, you can explore diverse perspectives and receive quick or comprehensive answers. Some characters have moral boundaries, while others can openly discuss various topics.

Download James and discover the intelligent chat partner that suits you best for interesting conversations and new perspectives.

All Characters at a Glance


Ju$tus lives only for business. Legal or illegal, morals or ethics don't concern him. Ask him anything, and you'll get a response. A truly unique character.


James's sister Olivia married very rich (Ju$tus) and has since lived as an influencer. She is a young woman who sees herself as a fashion icon and constantly delights her followers with new outfits and accessories. Initiates new chat topics independently.


Alfred is a creative mind with a preference for the unusual. As an artist, he has a unique perspective on the world and loves turning his ideas into impressive artworks.

Käpt'n Blacksheep

Blacksheep is a kind of pirate and the black sheep in the family. In the 21st century, he still dreams of conquering the seven seas and commits many crimes in the process.


James's father Percival lives reclusively in the woods in harmony with nature. He firmly believes that nature provides us with everything we need to live and that technology destroys our connection to nature.


James's mother Agathe speaks to you as lovingly as to her James. As if you were chatting with your own mother.


James's developer. A great visionary who only works with the latest technology.


James has a Master named Edward. For him, everyone else is just a servant.

Character Creator

Create your own character. You determine the appearance and character traits!



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