James Vision: An Extension of Our Horizon – Ready to Intelligently Support Everyday Life While Making the Impossible Possible

Imagine having a magical camera that not only takes photos but also speaks intelligently.

Introducing James Vision in the Video

For example, if you take a photo of the food in your fridge and don't know what to cook, this magical camera – we call it JamesVision – tells you what delicious dishes you can create. Or if you're wondering, "Does this red shirt go with my blue pants?" you take a photo of your clothes, and JamesVision helps you like a fashion advisor.

It's a bit like having a smart friend in your pocket who can always help you – no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Here are some examples of how James Vision supports you in everyday life

Cooking Assistant

Take a photo of your fridge contents or fruit basket and get personalized recipe suggestions based on the available ingredients.

Fashion Advice

Show James a picture of your outfit and get style ratings or suggestions for matching accessories.

Health Coach

Take pictures of your meals and receive nutritional analyses or improvement suggestions.

Fitness Trainer

Use photos of your figure to document progress and receive personalized exercise recommendations.

Instagram Success Coach

Show James your planned Instagram post and be inspired by his suggestions to get more attention.

Interior Design Assistant

Send James a picture of your room and get design ideas for interior decoration.

Plant Care Guide

A photo of your houseplant may be enough for James to give you care tips or help diagnose diseases.

DIY Assistant

Show him pictures of hardware store products and have him explain what they can be used for. Take a picture of your car's engine compartment in case of problems and get diagnoses or maintenance recommendations.

Culture and Travel Guide

Photograph artworks or historical monuments and get instant information about them. Take pictures of landmarks during a city stroll and get immediate info about their history.



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