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James' introduction video

Welcome to the world of James, the artificial intelligence, that will help you answer every question!

James also creates pictures and diagrams for you. All based on a keyword or a short description.

Artificial intelligence

With James, you have the ability to get the answers you need through a simple chat.
image "Cool app that lets you use Chat Gpt much cheaper than their website. And James is super cute"

- Anna-Lena K.

With James, you have the option of a simple chat to get all the answers you need.

It doesn't matter if it's a simple question of everyday life or complex issues. complex issues, James is always at your side.

You can also ask questions about your pictures. Ask Olivia a question about improving your outfit or show James your fridge and he'll tell you what you can cook with it.

With James as your personal assistant, you can hours of work and focus on what really on what really matters. You can count on a fast and accurate response. Also guaranteed James guarantees complete confidentiality and security of every question. image

image "The different characters enable a completely new ChatGPT experience, like I've never experienced before!"

- Isabella N.

Characters Without Restrictions

While ChatGPT and all other AIs have significant restrictions on topics, you can ask James questions about any subject and receive answers! image image

Create Images and Diagrams

Describe the desired image or diagram, and James will provide it in seconds!

Behind each character is a different AI model, so you can create very different results.

Your Knowledge Butler

James combines all major knowledge sources and the latest AI technology to create the ultimate knowledge butler.

Special Features

James Vision
James recognizes the content of images and documents and answers your questions.

Show James with your camera what you see and let him advise you.
Virtual Friends
Choose from 9 different characters. All with their own personality and abilities.

Some characters respond faster, others more comprehensively, and some provide extra tips.
Voice Input
Simply hold down the send button to quickly switch between text and voice input.

And if you wish, James can read the answers to you. On all devices.
James Threads
Consult your documents. Give James a document or book and he'll answer any question you have about it.

Your threads are synchronized across devices. Without an account.
Anonymous Usage
Harness the power of ChatGPT without registration & login.

Your queries are all encrypted and anonymized. No one can trace your queries.
Current Information
James takes ChatGPT to the next level. James combines the most powerful AI model with access to the internet, achieving Artificial Intelligence level.
Character Creator
Create your own AI character, your personal virtual friend.

You determine the appearance and personality of your friend.
Apple Watch Support
Use James quickly, discreetly, and easily directly on your wrist. For example, when you are in meetings and want to shine with knowledge.

You can choose whether he answers you by text message or speaks with you.

Generate Images and Diagrams

James also creates images and diagrams for you. Switch to the desired function via the quick selection button, then describe the desired image or diagram, and James will get started.


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Available for all devices

You can use James on all your Apple devices


Get answers and entertainment anytime, anywhere - James on your iPhone makes it possible!
Experience the full power of ChatGPT from the comfort of your couch with the brand new app James! Take advantage of the generous display area and optimized user interface for an even better chat experience!
Apple Watch
Get quick answers to your questions right on your wrist without having to take out your phone - James on your Apple Watch!
Use ChatGPT on your Mac for a seamless conversation experience while taking advantage of the benefits of your large screen and full keyboard. Let artificial intelligence impress you!

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