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Introducing James Threads in the Video
With this intuitive feature, you can upload as many documents as you want, whether it's the torn-up manual of your old VHS recorder or the extensive textbook on quantum physics. James takes on every piece of text and extracts precise information for your queries. Need help understanding a specific device function? Just ask! Looking for in-depth answers to your exam questions? James guides you through every challenge.

James's ability to learn from your documents and generate individual answers is comparable to a masterpiece of digital modernity. Each interaction with him leads to more precise results. Images, diagrams, or even visual instructions are no problem – because James is more than just a text assistant; he is your companion in the age of knowledge.

Here are a few examples of how James Threads supports you in everyday life

Exam in College

Keeping track of your studies? No problem! Upload your textbook to the James app and ask for summaries on specific topics or have it generate exam questions for you. The butler searches the book and provides precise answers, as if Einstein himself had taken a look.

Everyday Assistance

Your washing machine displays a cryptic error code, and online searches lead nowhere. Luckily, you've already stored the manual in James; just ask him about the code, and he'll guide you through troubleshooting to a solution.

Tool Master

Suppose you've inherited an old grandfather clock and want to understand its mechanism. The paper manual isn't helping. A scan of the document is added to threads, and James becomes your personal clockmaster, explaining every detail and assisting with maintenance.

Contract Library

You're an aspiring entrepreneur navigating a jungle of contracts and legal documents daily. Feed James with these documents through threads, and ask for specific clauses or conditions – within moments, you'll get an answer that would command respect even from the most seasoned lawyers.

Health Advisor

As a technological visionary, I always push the boundaries of what's possible. Imagine doctors could load medical literature into James and have patient inquiries about specific health conditions answered with references to the latest medical research.

Financial Guru

You upload a CSV file with your investments. James spreads its wings and creates a portfolio chart that not only shows trends but also predicts how your finances could flourish with further good care – almost as if Warren Buffett himself were personally looking over your shoulder.

Culinary Inspirator

You discover an old cookbook from your grandmother with no pictures or understandable instructions. With the help of Threads, the antiquated book transforms into an interactive cooking session, where James not only explains recipes but also suggests variations based on what's currently in your fridge.


A group of passionate literature lovers gathers weekly to discuss classic works. Threads allow each member of the circle to ask profound questions about symbolism in Goethe's "Faust" – James provides precise interpretations.

Adventure Planner

Planning a backpacking trip through South America? Feed James with travel guides and receive personalized advice on attractions, route suggestions, or local hidden gems – as if Anthony Bourdain himself curated your tour.



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